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Shaping Lives, Organizations, and Community
  • Growth through Conscious Evolution    
  • Sustainability through Conscious Action


project management

Whether it's project planning, execution, budgeting and estimating, deciding about deliverables, communication management, or managing a team, I can assist you at any point working with staff and/or volunteers.

Or, if you're an organization that has lost its executive or development director, and need an interim staff person to keep you on track while you do a search, I have experience in both roles that can carry you through the gap. 


planning & strategy

Planning is essential for growth, whether its strategic, operational, programmatic, or resource-related. I can facilitate the process with board or staff, beginning with data collection, analysis, visioning, and writing of a realistic plan that provides moments of measurement and accountability along the path to implementation.

coaching / mentoring

Are you getting the results you need for your nonprofit? If you think you need some support on how to adapt more easily to change, work more effectively with your board, present better to funders and guide development at your organization, or just need someone to help hold you accountable for the changes you seek, coaching can help.

capital campaigns

Considering a capital or endowment project? I have helped organizations with goals from $500K, $5MM to $20MM achieve fundraising success by working with staff and volunteers to address fundraising challenges and opportunities. From a feasibility study, to writing a case for support, to identifying and training campaign volunteers, and counseling board, staff and board on asking for major gifts, I can help you invite donors in to support your mission objectives.   

Foundation and federal grants

Going after highly competitive grants requires that you be an organization poised with "grant readiness," have a model for impact measures, and a compelling case for achieving more mission.  I can assist from brainstorming the initial pilot idea, researching potential funding, and writing your letter of intent. Or if you've already done all that, I can help by writing your grant proposals, preparing logic models, or just assisting you with editing  your own proposal. 

board & staff training

Does your board need more engagement? Do they know how to be fundraising resources? Are they leading your planning?  I can assist with strategies to change and reengage boards leading to stronger organizations and more resources to accomplish more mission.

Do you need your staff to grow in fundraising skills? Do they  know how to communicate with donors or how to engage the community in supporting your organization? I can assist you in developing your staff to grow in their roles and work effectively with board and program staff. 

marketing & communications

If a potential donor gave you one minute to describe your impact, what would you say? I can help craft messages and materials that are organized, prioritized and speak to the hearts and minds of your community.

Did you know the best practices in social media postings?  Does your donor newsletter need an overhaul?  Does your staff lack time to focus on these tasks. I can help!


Considering a major fundraising initiative? Has fundraising been flat at your organization? Does most of your revenue come primarily from one source? I can help you determine how to improve your development office efforts, and suggest plans on where and how to seek additional charitable dollars to support your mission.

Nonprofit management consulting

When you need a partner, or an informed perspective in designing solutions, and before taking the next step in your evolution, or accomplishing a specific project or goal,  let me help you think through the difficult transitions and transformational change imperatives you or your organization face. Sometimes we need a change agent to help us strategies and scaffolding to support change. 

How I can help you achieve your goals