Sara jane lowry

Coaching and Consultation


Shaping Lives, Organizations, and Community
  • Growth through Conscious Evolution    
  • Sustainability through Conscious Action


catalytic coach 

  • Project development
  • Board and Staff training
  • Social Enterprises
  •  Workshops
  •  Coaching and Mentoring

social sector CONSULTing

  • Management consulting
  • Fundraising audits and planning
  • Foundation and Federal grants
  • Capital/ comprehensive campaigns
  • Executive Coaching


I coach professionals and individuals in achieving their highest goals and purpose. Sometimes its for a development team or partnership between CEO and Board Chair.

Coaching allows you to reframe your internal dialogue and blocks to find the answers to creating your best possible life, or to lead your organization to fulfilling more mission through team building (board chairs and CEO) and resource development.

Let me help you with untangling the knots, developing a practice, charting a new course, exploring limiting beliefs, or removing the obstacles that prevent success as you define it.



​​​​​​I like to ask questions. The answers are beneath the symptoms. In the face of the considerable challenges we meet in our lives and work, how do we fulfill our purpose in life, in work - for ourselves, for our organizations and businesses, for our families and communities?  How do we move past our fears to connect with the resources we need to fulfill this purpose?

I hold my clients accountable to their most important values and aspirations, and help them develop the strengths to live them.
My work with individuals and groups, CEOs and Nonprofit Boards, visionaries and nonprofits, artists and entrepreneurs, women who are in transition, is in helping you stay focused on your real mission, and stepping up to the plate to activate results.

Sara Jane's experiences in and for nonprofits in roles such as executive director, CFO, development director, director of external relations, grants and special projects coordinator, board member, board president, and consultant ensures that she has the breadth of experience to help you succeed!

Working with  leadership, board, and staff, I help you identify and plan for the capacity building, training, and processes that are needed for growth. Its from these steps that we would seek funding.


For coaching clients, I will work with you find your answers and create an action plan that includes enough scaffolding support as you need in taking action toward your goals.

Once we have a strategy, I can provide services like board trainings, and capital campaigns, and strategic planning for resource development. I also provide classes and workshops that help groups perform better together.

For coaching clients, I support YOU in implementing your plan as you overcome obstacles that naturally occur as you take action.  

Performing an internal assessment of your current resource programs and systems, I provide readiness assessments for new development ventures or strategies for improving current efforts.


 For coaching clients, the outcome is defined by you. With an assessment, we can identify areas in which to focus the discussion toward development plans aimed at your desired outcome.