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"Before working with Sara Jane, I felt really stuck. I was unhappy with my work but unsure of what my next steps should be to move my career forward, and I lacked the confidence in my skills and abilities to do so. I’ve worked with several coaches in the past, but Sara Jane is the coach I’ve worked with the longest, by far. Unlike other coaches, Sara Jane doesn’t bring an agenda to our meetings, or tell me what the answers are. Instead, she brings a truly open ear and mind to our sessions. She guides me to see what relationships and tasks aren’t working for me, and prioritize what I have to do so I can work toward the goals that are most important to me. Sara Jane has a unique ability to help wade through the many things vying for my time and refocus on those things that are truly important. Working with her is like having an experienced mentor and compassionate friend all in one. And she checks in throughout the week to help keep me on track and moving forward. Our weekly meetings are often the highlight of my week! I highly recommend working with Sara Jane."- Natalie C., coaching client

Here's a few things that working with me can bring to you:

1) Accountability. A regular meeting or phone call boosts you to get more done than you would if left to your own devices. Through the right questions, and the right habit triggers, you'll find the motivation to take bigger actions, set bigger goals, and think bigger. Be bold!
2) Discovery or energize your goals. Coaching is a way to help you uncover your goals, how to reach them, and how to prioritize them.

3) Boost your self-confidence. When you're facing a transition or life change, or you have a vision but are unsure how to start, self-confidence is sometimes holding you back from stepping into your future. 

My belief is that you are capable of generating your own solutions, and my job is to provide a supportive, discovery-based framework  based on self-initiated change. You are creative, resourceful and whole: if you don’t have the answer, you’ll figure out where to find it and I will help you in doing so.  Since coaching is forward moving and future-focused. this isn't like therapy even though we might explore some emotionally-charged areas of change.

While I do nonprofit consulting and “provide expert advice,” in coaching, my role is to provide the framework, questions, exercises, and accountability for you to make the positive changes you want out of life. And if you don’t know what those are, then we'll help you discover your own future.


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Business struggles, life purpose, work/life balance, career transition?

Sometimes you need
someone to talk to
about your board, your staff, or you need a sounding board to figure out how to grow your business, relationships, career.  

What are the limiting beliefs, and habits of attitude and action that keep you from achieving your personal and professional goals?

As a coach I can help you increase your productivity, work through places of stuckness or fear, and reach for your potential.

"Sara Jane and I worked together in her role as a creative consultant for both my Biscotti Company and my Photography Company and as a coach. Her experience and depth of knowledge in the art and food fields is exquisite. She is articulate and technically astute. As a business associate and trusted friend, Sara Jane provided amazing support both emotionally and intellectually. Many of my most important decisions were based on her advice and guidance. I strongly recommend Sara Jane for her excellent work and trusted advisory skills."
  Are you creating your life or

reacting to forces and people outside of it?

private coaching

Are you feeling indecisive about changes you need to make? Maybe you need to jumpstart your brain out of the circular thinking that has you stuck.